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  • 1 Dozen Elegant Red And white 9 pcs red roses and 3pcs white roses arranged in a bouquet.

  • 1 Dozen Red Roses 1 doz red roses arranged in a bouquet.

  • 1 Dozen Yellow Roses 12 pcs long stemmed yellow roses arranged in a bouquet.

    Note: Roses spray yellow paint color only.

  • 12 Red Roses Boxed 12pcs red roses bouquet placed in a box.

  • Fantasia 1 dozen fantasia anthuriums in a bouquet

  • Happiness 12 pcs mixed colors of gerberas and 2 pcs stargazers arranged in a bouquet.

  • Heartfelt Delight 1pc basket arranged of 6pcs pink carnations, 1doz red roses, 3pcs stargazers in a basket.

  • Lovely Yellow Tulips 1 doz yellow tulips bouquet. 3 days reservations.Available for delivery every Friday, saturday, sunday and Monday.

  • Mixed Flowers Glass 1 doz red roses, 1 doz pink mums and 3 stargazers arranged in a glass vase.

  • Mothers Day Flowers 07 1 dozen red roses and 3 pieces stargazers in a bouquet.

  • Pink Abundant 12 dozen of pink roses in a round bouquet arrangements with free wine glass.

  • Pink Serene 6 pink gerberas with 1 stem stargazer arranged in a round bouquet.

  • Simply White 1 doz white roses arranged in a bouquet

  • Sunflower Bouquet 01 12 sunflowers wrapped with abaca cloth and non-woven paper.

    Note: Reservations is required.

  • Vase Arrangement 7 yellow mums, 3 red roses, 3 yellow gerberas, 3 pink or twotone pink carnations and 1 stargazer arrangement in a ceramic vase.

  • Womens Delight 1 pc vase arrangement of mixed pink flowers composed of 3pcs stargazers, 6pnik carnations and mums.